Kids’ Connection Volunteers

Thank you so much for considering volunteering at Kids’ Connection.  Volunteer hours can be very flexible, rewarding and fun!  Here are some ideas of ways that you can make a difference in a child’s life:

  • Kids' ConnectionMeeting the Kids’ Connection children at either the Christian school or the public school and walking them over to FRC/Kids’ Connection.
  • Greeting the children as they arrive and/or helping parents with sign out
  • Standing in the ‘coat/backpack’ rooms to give assistance to children
  • Passing out snacks/juice, wiping off tables, providing snacks/juice, helping younger children carry snacks/juice, visiting at the tables with children
  • Gathering for whole group time in ‘strategic’ spots
  • Leading a Bible lesson, performing in a skit, introducing a craft
  • Reading to children in the quiet room, helping a child at the listening center, coloring a picture, putting puzzles together
  • Coloring, creating, painting, and drawing pictures, making cards, using glitter, crafting
  • Making jewelry, designing fuse bead projects/ironing fuse beads, molding play dough
  • Playing a card game, playing a board game, teaching chess/checkers
  • Baking chocolate chip cookies with a small group, demonstrating how to set a beautiful table/table manners, painting nails, face painting, weaving potholders, knitting/crocheting, sewing
  • Building with Legos, K’nex, Lincoln Logs, and/or wood blocks, building car and train tracks, building birdhouses
  • Observing children while they engage in playing with dolls, pretend, puppet shows
  • Playing outdoor seasonal running, tagging games/relays, playing indoor games to encourage physical activity
  • Helping a child with spelling words, homework, math facts, etc.
  • Encouraging cleanup, good manners, respect at all times
  • Helping to promote a safe and caring environment

These are just a few of the ways we can incorporate YOU at Kids’ Connection.  We’re always open for suggestions and we will be thrilled to have you on board connecting and investing in the lives of children!!

Here is our Volunteer Information Form…

Direct Link to Kids’ Connection Volunteer Form

Download the PDF file .