When these sorts of titanic opposing forces come at most people, they pack up and head home. It’s not worth it! they say.

But when all these tides raged against the first Christians, they persisted. Trusting in God, they trimmed their sails, gripped the oars, and kept on going.

The fifth book of the New Testament, an epic adventure entitled “The Acts of the Apostles,” chronicles the sweeping story of the early Christian movement as it obeyed Jesus’ command to witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. But the title notwithstanding, this book is ultimately about the “Acts of the Holy Spirit” as that Spirit – one with the Father, one with the Son – propelled brave men and women around, across, and through these obstacles toward the Western World’s mighty capital, Rome.

We’ll take a look at an extended section of this stirring tale during September and October in a message series called Acts Odyssey*. Pastor Tim will share images and insights from his on-the-ground experiences in Greece and Turkey as we focus particularly on an adventure commonly called “Paul’s Second Missionary Journey,” recorded for us in Acts 16-21. Most Wednesdays, Pastor Tim will be pushing out a shot-on-site preview video via the church’s facebook page. So be sure to follow us there, also.

Along the way, we’ll consider some timeless and critical questions. What is a Christian, really? What does it mean to be missional? How can I rejoice while I’m in the grip of hardship? How do I respond when God’s plans are different from my own? 

We hope you’ll join us at 9:30 Sunday mornings this fall as we consider these and other crucial themes in Acts Odyssey. As always, if you miss any of the messages, you can catch up on our message archives page right here.


*Shout out to Rene Schlaepfer of Twin Lakes Church in Aptos, CA for the title of this series.